About Me

Hello! My name is Nelson.

In my previous role as a Senior Product Expert at HubSpot, I worked with the Product, Engineering, Design and Support teams to solve bugs and UX issues, and explore new product features. I was constantly leading initiatives to improve internal processes that involve cross-functional teams. I have also helped out with onboarding and coaching Support reps.

Outside of Support, most of my coworkers will know me as the waffle master slaving away every Wednesday. 

I love games that deliver great storytelling, be it in pixel art or in a fully decked-out VR experience. From 2019, I have been constantly picking up new skills in areas like Game Scripting, Level Design, 3D Rendering and User Experience. In mid-2022, I quit my job to commit to learning full-time on my own. The result is the 2 projects that are now in my portfolio. 

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What I'm looking for in a new role:

  • Great Culture and People:  I value an environment where people feel safe to disagree or to sound out when things are not working to collectively solve problems, regardless of rank. 
  • Transparency: Information that is shared and well-documented can be a great enabler for people to learn skills and be self-sufficient. 
  • Learning Opportunities: In a wicked world, learning is essential. For me, learning is also a reward in itself.

Games I love:

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