Camp Adventure

A Virtual Travel Game on the Oculus Quest 2

Gameplay Trailer


  • Platform: Oculus Quest 2 (apk file link)
  • Timespan: 5 weeks
  • Playtime: 5-15 minutes
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 5.0.3 C++
  • Tools: Blender, Substance Painter 3D
  • Role: Level Design, Technical Design (C++ & Blueprints), 3D modeling and texturing


Non-Linear Virtual Travel Game

Virtual reality travel games tend to be visually stunning but lack interactivity and the freedom to move about. Camp Adventure aims to be a playground set within the surroundings of an actual landmark - the Camp Adventure tower in Denmark - where users are free to explore different activities while charting their own path to the tower.

Framing the Objective

Level Walkthrough


Gameplay Mechanics


Camp Adventure's climbing park and boardwalk was the inspiration behind the gameplay features. As I wanted to design for non-VR veterans, I picked features that work with VR hand controllers (as opposed to full-body tracking) and are not too physically demanding.

While I hoped that all users would try climbing and ziplining, I was mindful of players who want to stick to walking. For these players, it's important to provide enough variation in their journey - this led to the different lanes that you saw earlier. 

I wrote most of the game in C++, starting with reusing snippets from this Git project that I was learning from in this Unreal Engine C++ course for VR by GameDev.Tv. See Git (this repo is incomplete as I quickly ran out of space).


Climbing & Dismount


Rock Climbing Dyno (Vaulting)







Iterations after Playtests


  Annex - 3D Models

Using Blender and Substance Painter, I created the following assets:

  • Forest Tower
  • All modular boardwalk-related assets, including the Spiral and the Loop
  • Ladder
  • Zipline Button



 Annex - Game documentation  

  1. Google Sheet here.
  2. Git Repo
  3. Git Repo (old) 



  Annex - Assets used  

  1. Sound -
  2. Hand Model and Animation - YouTube link
  3. Blockout Materials - 
  4. Blockout Spline - 
  5. Tree models - 
  6. Fog and Water Plane Materials - 
  7. Landscape Material & HDRI - 
  8. Gameplay trailer music - Walking at forest by VANGARE via Pixabay
  9. Icons used in image, "Process":
    1. Maps icons created by Freepik - Flaticon
    2. Drag icons created by pojok d - Flaticon
    3. Brainstorm icons created by Freepik - Flaticon
    4. Priority icons created by Freepik - Flaticon
    5. Scope icons created by manshagraphics - Flaticon
    6. Interaction icons created by smashingstocks - Flaticon
    7. Exam icons created by Freepik - Flaticon
    8. Repeat icons created by Pavel Kozlov - Flaticon