Alarms & Jeff

Custom Half-Life: Alyx Map

Gameplay Trailer



  • Platform: Half-Life: Alyx Steam VR Workshop (link here)
  • Timespan: 6 weeks
  • Playtime: 15-20 minutes
  • Engine: Hammer++ Source 2
  • Role: Level Design, Prototyping
  • Google Sheet link


Horror; Distract, Avoid and Free the Blind Zombie

Deck link here


Scripted Sequence of Horror


Jeff Chases the Player - Providing Player Choice and Agency


Climatic scene in room 3 where players have 3 lanes to choose.

Walkthrough of the 3 lanes in actual gameplay.


Different Endings - Let the Monster Live or Die

What happens if the player does not kill Jeff.

What happens if the player kills Jeff.


Level Walkthrough & Breakdown


Level Intention


Iterations after Playtests

Gating and respecting Systemic Gameplay

Before: A player confused by Jeff's behavior - 1:32 to 3:36.

After: Jeff will no longer stay put in the spot below the alarms to act as a gate. Instead, an airlock behind Jeff is the new gate, which will the player can unlock after solving a series of puzzles.


Balancing Level Difficulty after Playtesting


Before: I could not get a sense of the difficulty level that players expect.
After: Complexity of puzzles was ramped up and scattered all over the 2 floors


Current Iteration of rooms 1 and 2: (left) in shaded view, (right) in full gameplay lighting


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